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I was approached by Loan Officer about refinancing my current mortgage under better terms from CitiMortgage. We had the option to come up with a plan that will save money. We were gone too quickly with such expert help from the people who spoke to CitiMortgage. Whenever I experienced a problem, I would email or call them and I had a response immediately. Indeed, even with the person who helped us close the paperwork, it was very helpful.

Citi Mortgage is absolutely amazing. It has served me and my brother so well that i could not help write a review for them. My brother got mortgage lending services from them in March 2010. They were exceptionally good with their amazing service. A year ago i also went to them for a similar loan. I needed it to get settled in my own house. They have a very professional team who helped me at every step. All my queries were answered in time and they actually made sure i was satisfied before i went back. I am very happy with it.

CitiMortgage buckled down with me to get everything closed out. They were extremely thorough in their procedure of getting the best rates that were available. In trying to get the whole mortgage closed out, they appeared much simpler to deal with that different lenders. Their customer support is extraordinary. They always love their customers. I would recommend them to others. I will refer friends to CitiMortgage if they were searching for a mortgage or refinancing because I had such a great experience.

Chan F.    
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1 year ago

I looked refinancing my old mortgage to lessen payments. The people at CitiMortgage, my mortgage lender, were exceptionally expert, and they guided me through the nuts and bolts, for example, the interest rate and payment. My association with the reps during the refinancing procedure was smooth. CitiMortgage worked to perfection, and since refinancing my loan, I've had to bring down payments. I would have my friends look into CitiMortgage as well. They are really expert and they know their customer needs.

Citi mortgage is just amazing. I sold my home mortgage to the citi bank 2 year ago and have had positive experience with them. They are experts of every product they offer and explain even the tiniest details. They never charge extra fee or hidden charges. The interest rates on my mortgage are the same from last two years that is a big plus. I have 3 years left for the mortgage and Tiara has helped me to reduce it to 2.5 years. I cannot recommend enough.

Citibank provides information about mortgages, current mortgage rates, home refinancing and home loan products. I've made my purchase process as smooth as possible, especially as first time home buyer.. I had to contact customer service with questions about our loan and when our mortgage insurance would fall off. They were always very helpful and went above and beyond to answer my questions.Did the job that needed to done.Service reps are very knowledgeable & very professional. Always try to help you meet your goals & needs.If you’re buying a new property and looking for a Citibank home loan, here are the best packages they offer, whether your property is uncompleted or completed.They're friendly and always welcoming.

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