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Careington is simply the best way to get your dental health secured. It has not only been my help once but twice in 1 year! Dental treatments are so expensive in America i hardly think i would have afforded them if i did not have the insurance policy by them. I got a filling done in April 18 and then i also got my teeth cleaning in October. Both times the expenses were covered really well and the process was hassle free. I have good dental hygiene now thanks to this amazing dental insurance company. 5 stars all the way!

Careington is too good and i would highly recommend their dental policies! In America, it is not easy to get dental treatments. It gets expensive! I am a working woman and i need all the savings i can make. I have a weak dental history so i made a wise decision of getting a dental policy for good. I have used their coverage two times in one year. They have been too great at providing me with excellent customer service as well. I highly appreciate their work and customer service department. They are reliable, affordable and have a cooperative team.

My husband and i decided to get dental insurance for both our kids from Careington. The first time my experience was not really good as the coverage process was slow. However, i gave them benefit of doubt and it did turn out positively when my son needed a dental treatment last year. They have good discount plans. The customer service is good as well and now i have not felt any problem with their services. This time the coverage was pretty fast. They are good at what they, maybe at a higher affordable price for us but health comes first.

Nil S.    
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1 year ago

They seem to genuinely care about making me happy so that I keep being insured by them. They are a fairly good company.They seem to genuinely care about making me happy so that I keep being insured by them. When i needed the teeth filling I've had to file. They gave me the attention I needed and made me feel like my questions and business were important to them.The Dentists were leaders in their particular practices and the Dentists staff were definitely customer friendly and very easily approachable and seemed to be very in touch with the situations I was going through at the time.They have completely satisfied with every single aspect of my dental care needs.

Careington is the extraordinary dental insurance company. I have been a customer from 4 years. I have filed claim against the treatment several time and they process it really fast. I visited my dentist several times last month due to root canal and cleaning. I had a huge bill to pay to the dentist. The company took care of the bills and provided full coverage. The claim was processed without delays. I could not be happier. I would recommend it to anyone.

As i child, i had teeth problems quite often. Sometimes cavities, sometimes braces and sometimes wisdom teeth. I got my dental insurance policy from Careington and i have been very satisfied with their services. I recently had to get my teeth some filling and as we all know dental work is so costly. I was so glad i could claim and get the coverage. For me it has been a good experience so far. Their staff is really nice, they were swift at responding to my claim request and handled the whole process well. Good work by them, 5 stars!

I purchased a dental insurance from them with them.This plan is exactly as advertised and helped me to get 50% off of all of the dental work Ive had done this year.It has really help me with dentist cost for a small amount to pay to join.The prices are provided for all services so you know exactly what you'll be paying upfront.My experience with Careington was satisfying and the agents I dealt with were very professional and helpful.If you’re looking to get dentures and have to have extractions it’s definitely the way to go And because of it I was able to afford a better product with a better warranty I think they are awesome thank you.

My ongoing experience with Careington was great. They approved claims rapidly and gave astounding customer service when I reached them with inquiries. This was my first experience with a few claims and I can't think about a thing that Careington could have improved the situation. Their site is full of great data and simple to explore. The only shortcoming is that they list specialists who are taking new patients however when calling the specialist, they are not taking new patients... It's a touch of disappointing yet presumably difficult to stay up to date.

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You need good and healthy teeth to look beautiful and to stay healthy. Careington is the best place where you can get dental insurance. You can get licensed physicians virtually through us whenever you want as this service is available 24/7. We have discount plans and programs for your dental services. We are a part of the huge dental industry where we work and bring innovation for better performance. We provide these dental plans to regional, local and also national clients. Our products and services are affordable and worth every penny you spend. Our website gives a complete insight about how our company works.

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