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I love the A& H essential natural deodorant because it is incredible. It does not have aluminium in it like the Toms that I used previously so I feel fresh and not greasy after using it. All you have to do is to apply once in the morning and stay fresh all day long. The smell is also great and the best thing is it does not leave a stain on your cloths. Best deodrant for men in very affordable price. It is good for both genders as my girl friend also uses it before going to gym. highly recommended.

I feel like smell fresh all day, and only on really hot days do I feel like my armpits aren't totally dry.I've been using Clinical Strength arm n hammer deodorant for the last decade because I could never find a "normal" deodorant that kept me smelling fresh and dry. I was nervous to try this deodorant, as it doesn't even say anything about being an antiperspirant. The price was right, so I didn't feel like I was out anything if it didn't work BUT IT WORKS!!.I Would definitely recommend to others looking for aluminum-free deodorant. I'm amazed.

I have for quite some time been using Arm and Hammer cleansers since I decided not to use bleach on my garments. Baking soda offers all that could possibly be needed cleaning power for me, in addition to I am truly delicate on my garments. When I'm not spending lavishly on Woolite, I am happily using the laundry soap for clothing. It takes care of job without leaving an overwhelming fragrance as other laundry soaps do. I added little spot myself and that need some additional care before tossing them in the machine and ARM and HAMMER™ Clean Burst deals with them. I got a coupon for this in my Spring Vox Box.

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