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Rik S.    
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1 year ago

I was looking for a competent insurance company for my business at really affordable rates. On some research i learned about Amventure. Their website has most of the information which almost get me interested pretty well. I visited their office and they guided me well through their contract and policies for different insurance programs where i chose the most affordable one for my business. The experience have been great so far. The staff is on toes, whenever i have called for any query i am immediately given efficient customer services which has made me comfortable with them. I recommend this company!

I needed to get a better quote than what we at currently had and AmVenture was amazingly low priced in correlation. My interactions with the AmVenture staff were extraordinary. They were email-friendly, which was important to me, and I didn't have many going back and forth. It was extremely straightforward, simple and quick communication. I appreciated that because in trying to contact different companies, it was so complicated to take a few to get back some hold of someone. Highly recommended.

We needed the insurance the same day in order to start subcontracting on Wednesday and I got the speediest reaction from Wayne of AmVenture. He completed it as well. I found out after it was everywhere on that it was Wayne's first day and I was his first sale. Be that as it may, he was extremely educated and if that he didn't know the appropriate response, he found the solution. He worked admirably and it was really great. Nonetheless, I didn't know to ask as to whether the warranty covered tools and that was the main thing I might want to have known. In any case, I'd suggest AmVenture to everyone!

I went on the different websites for a insurance, and AmVenture was the first that pops up. Long story short, the entire procedure began on January ninth and until today, I'm not by any stretch of the imagination set with the insurance that I really require in light of the fact that they wound up being the wrong bundle. I wasn't 100% certain what the necessities were for the organization that I would work with and the rep disclosed to me I can simply include later. It has been a consistent forward and backward despite everything I'm enduring to figure this. Be that as it may, AmVenture truly endeavors to help me out. It's a decent organization and the price is great.

Contact Info

  • Adress: PO Box 6208,Cleveland,OH,United States
  • Phone: 8772973172
  • Email:
  • Website: amventure.com

About AmVenture

AmVenture is the best insurance company that offers prodigious services to you to get insurance for your businesses. A business for you is a vital source of income and your future and for us it is our duty to protect it for you. You can get a quote online through our website by just answering a few questions and there you go with an estimated idea. Our policies are effective and the payback payments are affordable and worthwhile too. We have a wide range of insurance products other than business insurance such as workers’ compensation, cyber liability, disability insurance, business owners policies, medical malpractice, employment liability insurance, commercial auto and several more.

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