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The customer care staff is excellent. They focus on my requirements and very helpful and professional and on time with arranging my matches and work on planning the location to be reasonable for the two of us. I finally had a date with the first person I would consider it a legit match based on my profile since joining the company. Thank you, All About Singles, for the incredible match! You knocked it out of the park. I truly enjoyed meeting this man and we are meeting again soon.

I had a relative who joined All About Singles at another state. It was an option of meeting different people around you. The first occasion I went to was at a bar downtown. The person who had signed me up had been there and he assisted to introduce me to some people. I battled with social anxiety however it has gotten simpler to go to occasions since I'm starting to know people there. It's a blend of people so nobody makes a decision about anybody for what they are. I feel comfortable around everybody.

I cant say enough good things about All About Singles. Because they really care about their clients and give great advice about the perspective games and gimmicks. They helped me to sort out everything and now because of them I am in a long term relationship that I have been cherishing from from 4 years.

I should say that so far this has been such a charming experience! I am trusting that I have proceeded with progress on my first date. On the off chance that this company picks their matches as they pick their staff, I feel sure this was the correct place to go. I had my face-to-face today and I truly felt that she showed signs of better understanding of what I had as a main priority just by her capacity to read my body language. Thank you to everybody that has been helping me along the way.

All About Singles is an incredibly honest and trustworthy company. I have been so pleased with the company and satisfied with its services. Because of this company I am in a strong relationship with the best guy in the world. I waited for a month to get the response from them after I registered myself with the company. But the wait was worth it. I have been dating Thomas from 2 years and soon we will be tying the knots. A BIG SHOUT OUT TO THE ALL ABOUT SINGLES.

Luce S.    
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1 year ago

All about singles provides the best match making services. They keep is clear and simple. The company do no charge extra amount and have a lot of options for you. Its team is a fun to work with. My friend is planning a wedding after finding a perfect match through All about singles. I am also keeping my fingers crossed .

They will charge you thousands of dollars and will do nothing for you.

If you're single and ready to mingle, then this site is for you. lol!

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