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I am exceptionally happy with the response I get from PEX Card. I have two cards that I use. It is so easy to reload them. I figured I would need to buy another card when my card expired. In any case, I was amazed to get another card via mail. Much thanks to you such a great amount for giving this service to people that can't get a regular Mastercard as a result of their credit scores. Hopefully, this is a way they can build it up. Keep on providing this service. I will be using it for a long time.

Sallee H.    
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8 months ago

PEX Card has solutions for a variety of business employee reimbursements including business debit and credit card alternatives, petty cash, travel reimbursements, fuel expense cards finance tools and more.PEX automatically integrates with most major accounting platforms. No more waiting for charges to settle.I use this card for all my business work, its very easy to use and convenient with maybe different types of deposits.This card is worth considering for businesses that need to authorize employees to use company cards. It may be simpler and easier than employee reimbursement, and the statements make record keeping simple.Excellent card! Easy to use and easy to manage. Highly recommend for any business.

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  • Adress: 462 7th Avenue, 21st Floor,New York,NY,United States
  • Phone: (877) 274-3390
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  • Website: www.pexcard.com

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