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Right after my graduation i did not want to waste time searching for jobs manually. Glassdoor was a famous job search engine so i planned to give my first try there. It was easy to use the site. I quickly learned it and made up my account with all my details that were required. They were so good at matching me up with the appropriate jobs that by the end i had several options to try for. I am so glad with in 2 weeks i got my first job through them. I highly recommend this to all the job seekers!

Glassdoor has actually been a great source of income for me. After my graduation i directly uploaded my resume on this job search site and within a few days i found a perfect match for myself. However the pay was not very suitable so i left the job and uploaded my resume again. It was so quick to fill up and go through the whole process. I became a part of the Glassdoor site very quickly and had access to so many connections. Totally worth it. It doesn't take much of your time and who knows you may end up getting the dream job.

Hyman L.    
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2 years ago

I would use this site it each time I required a job. They are exceptionally reliable. I got a few hits from Glassdoor at the very beginning of signing up. The value of this service is extremely useful. Without it I may not land a position. It's very good to know you can easily find a job. I need work and it made a difference. Customer service is exceptionally proficient. I had a few inquiries and they generally answer email quickly.

Extremely valuable. This service gave me valuable insight that led me to not apply for a job in one company, and apply for a job in another. I have had no experience with customer support since I've had no problems with the app as of yet. Very elaborate and many options. Always there to help and offer me various things to do. I was never confused. It was nice having so many career options in one place making it easy to search for the perfect fit. It was also easy to search by job and location. The services from the site have brought a good chunk of information about companies and positions. Nevertheless, I did apply for several jobs which I got interviewed for and found my new job. Wonderful!!!

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Glass door is a platform where employees and employers can connect to one another. We provide you the opportunity to build your career with us. You can upload your resume and wait till you find a job that matches you. Here you can also act as an employer. If you are the one looking to hire someone then you can post about the job you have for others. In short, this is a platform useful for both the parties. Our website is simply to use and it is actually user friendly. There are millions of jobs and you can find the one you think is for you. You can also download our application for easy access.

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