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I run a small business of clothing mainly for girls and women. I basically started from scratch and today I am going good all thanks to the financial help i was able to get from Dealstruck on time. I was facing my sales dropping as the area i was in was not feasible so in order to move to a better location, I knew I would need some loan to redo some of my business and launch again. I loved how the applying did not affect my credit score at all. The whole process was very fast and simple with easy payment schedules.

After i was into a crisis with my business, i planned to shut it off as i could not find any other solution. I would say i was lucky to have found Dealstruck company in those days so i gave it another chance by applying for business loan. The main objective was to keep my business afloat and use the money to make sure it does not go bankrupt. It really helped me to let my business survive and eventually it started to get stable. It saved me from going bankrupt and shutting off. I have a small hair salon which is still running. Highly recommended!

Rik S.    
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1 year ago

I never required loans for my business as i started off with a huge amount of finance granted to me by my father. But after years of running my business with the increasing inflation i felt i was facing more cash outflow. This is where a point came when i needed some finance to keep up with the daily activities of my business of a small restaurant i own. They just asked me a few questions, i filled some important papers and the loan was very quickly granted to me at an affordable rate. I am very satisfied with my decision till date.

Deal Struck business loan company was very kind to me when i was looking for loan. I have a mutual business with my fiance and we were looking for a source to raise some money as we wanted to buy new machinery for our manufacturing department. We are a small business but as we wanted to grow in the longer run we knew we need to inject finance for that purpose. We applied for loan and we were granted with it very quickly. Our payback plan was also responsible so i would recommend this loan company for sure. 5 stars.

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Finance your business through Dealstruck. We are a company that knows what you need, you just have to reach out to us. Our company provides business loans to keep your business activities smooth and running. We are loved and trusted by a number of business owners who get small lending from us and have big results. Our loan process is simple and easy, you have to apply and we review and grant you the loan you require. Our policies are free of any hidden costs and we have all our programs ready to serve you depending upon your need and requirements.

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