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There have been various difficulties with Cigna since the time my university switched over to them. I've been on that plan for a long time now, and I am still waiting for the wallet card to show up! Apparently a few doctor's offices don't know how to deal with the irregularity of the student plan, so there have been some billing challenges previously. Maybe they are no better or worse than any other major insurer when it comes to paying claims etc.

Cigna got my back! I got their insurance policy for dental work. My husband was using their dental insurance policy first and he had really good reviews. I got mine 6 months ago. I was waiting to review it once i use their coverage service. In my opinion that is what matters the most to me. Some companies actually make the customers wait so long so the use of the policy diminishes. I applied for a claim and my expense was covered in a few days. I got my tooth hole treatment and my experience went really well with them.

Cigna has several plans for all customers depending upon what they require which makes it really easy for us to choose from so many options. I had the basic dental insurance first which i upgraded due to their out class services and warm team. Everytime they had dealt me with great professionalism and courtesy. I have used it thrice as i had several on going issues which never got attention earlier. I am satisfied with their work and i would give recommendations to all those who are looking for good dental insurance companies. Thumbs up for the cooperative team as well.

Nil S.    
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1 year ago

Cigna dental insurance has plans that span from a cheap plan that fully covers preventative dental care to a more expensive plan that covers orthodontics.Visit the dentist every six months for checkups and teeth cleanings to prevent the majority of advanced dental health concerns and receive the maximum coverage from my insurance policy. I use your company because the standard discount on my dental bills works for me.You can trust this company to honor what they say. Great way to have a dental plan. It is amazing!

Cigna dental insurance company has been just too kind to me! I recommend this to you all. I got my dental insurance 3 years back and enjoyed great savings twice in the past three years. Once i got my root canal done as i was facing a lot of pain. I got the coverage very quickly. Last year, i again faced some issues with my dental health and after the treatment i claimed for the coverage which I was given on time again. There staff is also amazing, they are professional and kind. I would certainly rate them 5 stars.

CIGNA Dental offers great savings on preventive, basic and major treatments. However, they tend to be on the costlier side so it's a good idea to check for other available packages. Premiums and plans are subject to your location. Needs to work harder to get a better discount on dental procedures. I've been with Cigna for a while and they are good people. I can visit the dentist on a regular basis and not worry that I'm going to get a bill I can't afford. Thank you! The dentist that I saw, who is part of your program, was very professional, friendly and considerate, as well as her staff.Cost is low so discounts received from dentists are good. All in all, he provided a top-notch level of service, exceeding my expectations.

I have had the Cigna insurance for Medicare for around 5 years. A year ago I was in Europe for vacation, broke my knee top and keeping in mind that in the healing facility they decided an issue in my lower intestines. No European specialist or hospital acknowledge Medicare, so I charged $ 56,399 to my credit cards. Regardless of the many bills Cigna prepared my claim expeditiously and sent a check for 80% of the charges. I am inspired!!!

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Cigna is the perfect place for you when you are looking for someone from the outside to take charge of your health issues. We provide you with amazing dental insurance services. We put in our efforts to bring the best work results for our customers. Your teeth are as important as any other part of your body and you never know when an issue with your teeth may arise. Our dental insurance policy is made for all with easy and affordable repayments. The procedure is also very simple and quick to start. Once you have the policy, we have got you covered.

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