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I prefer not to fly with Alitalia. They jam you in and you have no leg space to move your legs. The flight attendants are not friendly and treat you like you are nothing to them. The flight was delayed longer than 24 hours which forced me and my wife to spend all night at the airport. It took too long to get our luggage. I will avoid using their airline again.

Luce S.    
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1 year ago

Travelling in the Alitalia was one of the best experiences I have ever had with any airline. The airline is so accommodating and comfortable that you feel ease in every step. The boarding was hassle free and smooth, the food, crew and in-flight entertainment were super. I loved the extra leg space on seat and the crew members made sure all the passengers were taken care of equally and in great way. Love to travel in Alitalia again.

The booking process online is a breeze, every time I’ve also had to call and talk to a customer service agent they are polite and helpful. They also serve food twice during the 13 hour flight. Alitalia is my favorite choice.

The boarding staff was professional but the flight flew an hour late, the travel was pleasant though.

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